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There is nothing like making music to invigorate the mind and the body. And if you never have played an instrument before a great place to start learning is with the Ukelele. The Uke is fast becoming the most popular instrument amongst seniors. It's so easy to learn to play and start strumming and singing to your favorite old timey or new timey tunes. It's light weight, small and portable and extremely affordable. We offer lessons and you can easily buy a uke from us. 

Other instruments you might be interested in learning are the guitar and mandolin. We can provide beginners lessons and instruments for purchase so you can take your new found musicianship to new heights. Start with a ukelele and see where it brings you.
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The No-Name Uke Band is available for performances at assisted living communities. Sing-a-long format. Call 650-833-9200 for our reasonable rates and to book us.

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